Career Fair

Plenary Talk

Ambassador Program

Case Study Competition


High School Tour
September to October
Luzon and NCR


Case Study Competition & Project Fair
November 17
UP National Institute of Physics


Workshops & Plenary Talks
November 18
UP College of Engineering & UP Film Institute


January 20-22

IEshikawa 15's Workshops will consist of virtual meetings where esteemed professionals will discuss and impart an in-depth knowledge of the topic and provide relevant activities to complement participants' learning. This event aims to touch on topics that manifest the transition of commerce from physical to digital presence.

Workshop Topics

  • •Future of Payment Technologies
  • •Digital Marketing and Market Analysis
  • •E-commerce Warehouse Management
  • •E-commerce Operations Research
  • •Machine Learning in the E-commerce Space
  • •User Interface and User Experience Designs

Career Fair

January 23

This event is a virtual fair where various company representatives are given the avenue to discuss employment and/or internship opportunities with the participants through a video conferencing platform

Plenary Talk

January 24

Speakers from different fields of expertise will be invited to share their knowledge and skills to the lEshikawa 15 participants. Compared to the workshops, the plenary talks will cater a larger audience and present a broader set of topics related to E-commerce.

Plenary Talk Topics

  • •E-commerce as a Disruptive Technology
  • •Future of E-commerce in the Philippines
  • •Key Industrial Engineering Roles in E-commerce
  • •Digital Business Models


January 23, 2021 (Leadership Workshop)

The IExperience: Ambassador Program seeks to provide a fulfilling experience to IE students who are dedicated to serve and represent the IE community. Among numerous applicants, the lucky few to be selected as this year's Event Ambassadors will have an exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes of the most prestigious IE event in the country. They will also be given the opportunity to become the face of IEshikawa 15.


January 23, 2021 (Final Round)

This is the sole competition of IEshikawa 15 that provides an avenue for Industrial Engineering students from various educational institutions to showcase their skills, their knowledge of IE concepts, as well as their ability to maximize these learnings through application. Each team must present a comprehensive discussion of a given case and propose detailed solutions and strategies to address and resolve the issues involved by applying various IE concepts.